Join ALCHEMISTS GROUP: supporting your growth because exiting the matrix is not happening overnight. It's a skill to overcome egos distorted vision and that needs to be trained, so group calls will help you tap into your Inner Genius more and more. The One Alchemist opens doors for you that you never knew existed.

You will get:
1) 2 group zoom calls per month, 1,5 hours each. 
2) Different topics to support consciousness expansion.
3) Support you to hold your frequency and stay more and more in your expanded awareness state and less in ego.
4) Taking steps activating your full potential and creating your dream life.
5) You get to ask questions in the end of these group calls.
6) Recorded sessions will be available for later.
7) I share different techniques from time to time how to exit illusional world
8) A short hypnosis session for relaxation or activation during the call
9) You can bring your questions to the private Alchemists Facebook group and we can discuss the matters.
10) So much more than you can imagine.

Karin Palm can open doors for you that you never knew existed.

Joining ALCHEMISTS GROUP is taking your life to the next level and upgrading yourself.

I encourage you to keep challenging YOUR analytical mind. Only mind thinks everything should be logical. Magic happens outside the comfort zone where often logic ends.
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