Karin Palm

Dear one, beautiful to meet you through these lines!
About me: I am a multidimensional being who took it upon myself in this moment to express divine pure creation through the role of Karin. I am currently the one supporting other fractals and transformation in my world as an alchemist. Lived here and there, made jumps between different timelines, traveled in different continents and dimensions, I've read books from the library of infinity.

I have worked in hotels and production companies, hold responsibility to various high pressure tasks as a manager and almost burnt out. 
My intuition guided me out of this. So I feel drawn to being supportive to others who might go through the same or similar thing. You know, you feel like you have it all and all is good, but so busy, still worried about random things, unsure about the future etc. Forget to smell the flowers often enough... But then you somehow know in your bones, that something so much bigger is calling you. It means some uncomfortable changes in life, raising standards, learning to say "no" in order to take back the power. So I took the challenge and started digging deeper and deeper and found all the answers. 

Now I do marketing mostly for fun along with managing my different brands, one of them is known Wings by Palms Art
Angel wings kids furniture and angel wings clothing.

Above all, I have learned how to become the Master of my life. I have created the life of my dreams and now I support others do the same.

In this world, I am also a Reiki Master and a certified hypnotherapist and a practitioner, accredited by International Alliance IAPCP. Read more here:
In addition, to support the upgrade of my clients, I read Akashic Records, use EFT and NLP, Ho'oponopono and other tools that I feel like using. My clients start reading the code of the matrix and see the possibilities how to "jump" out of it in order to create pure divine life: dream life. And then it becomes so much fun.

I support coaches and individuals who feel drawn to something bigger than life in front of their eyes. Support going deeper inside to dissolve limits and bouncing back from success because of fear.  I guide my clients to make a quantum jump out of matrix and start creating from the void. 

I also go scubadiving whenever I can, love gardening and do copywriting from time to time. Always in the flow, tuned to the Inner Genius to see what's unfolding from pure creation and joy.

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I am a creative being. I also make visuals, create paintings and design kids furniture and clothing. See more about the divine inspiration at 

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