Upgrade with hypnosis session - your next level

Ready to upgrade the quality of your life to the next level? Free yourself from old limitations to experience the ultimate freedom!

Take back your power and create the dream life you have been longing for and you so much deserve.

In this 2 hour zoom meeting we will find the best quick solutions and tools you can use yourself at home to start upgrading your mind and body.

We will talk about what you see that has been holding you back from creating your dream life and I provide another point of view on how to overcome your limits.

Then you will experience a short hypnosis session with smooth calming energies. This relaxing trance will free you for certain amount of time from the burdens you have been carrying with you as well as it activates your body to heal itself more effectively.

During the session I guide you to relax as deeply as how you feel when you're almost asleep. You will be 100% aware during the whole session and can come out of it the whole time.

I am just softly guiding you to relax deeper and deeper. This session is taking you to connect to your infinite INNER POWER to guide you upleveling your state of being.

After the session you will feel calm, content and motivated to take next steps toward creating your dream life. Beautiful syncronicities will start unfolding more and more often as your awareness of the immense beauty of present moment gets stronger.

If you wish, you get information and answers to 3 questions you asked prior your session from Akashic Records. I am happy if you take the next big step in your life toward awakening and ready to work on yourself.

What happens if you don't take the step? Nothing.
This is the result. But if you want to change your life for the better, take action and contact me if you have questions.

I work with people who strongly feel they want to make a change.

Looking forward to giving you a glimpse of the amazing relaxed state and happiness and freedom you could feel one day when you dive deeper into self-discovery.

Meeting will be recorded so you can listen to it again (there's so much info, you NEED to listen to it again) and use the hypnosis for as many times as you like to get to that relaxed state.

This offer includes also for you:

1)   2 LIVE MASTERCLASSES a month in Zoom
2)  Facebook Group for inspiration+questions+exclusive offers
3)   Whatsapp group for inspiration+questions+exclusive offers

After purchase, you can schedule an appointment here: https://calendly.com/karinpalm/short-alchemist-session

If you don't find a suitable time on the schedule, or wish to have more info, fast reply and other matters you can write Telegram/Whatsapp number +3725074472
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