BESTSELLER: Personal upgrade 3x connecting to INNER POWER package

Have you ever thought how great it would be if you get all the answers in order to experience ultimate freedom, inner peace and joy in life? I have the answer: by tapping into connection with your infinite INNER POWER, the divine wisdom that's always been in you, whispering... Together, we combine different methods to get the perfect elixir to pour into the matrix of your life. If you wish, we read the Akashic Records, talk about topics that support you to make a quantum jump in the quality of your life, have a relaxing hypnotherapy session to open up the next level.

Don't let another day pass without taking action towards the life you truly deserve.

Your transformation to unlocking your full potential starts with taking action! Happiness is an inside job and it's your responsibility to create it. I support you by upgrading the person you think you are in terms of human experience, how to perceive the world with openness, how to let go of emotions, specially fear etc to get rid of the limitations. When you start to understand how to get „in the flow“ while using your intuition, exponential growth takes place. I share different methods and techniques with my clients about how to let go of the fear, trust, „tune in the frequency“, mostly using hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, but also other tools, that don’t have a specific name yet. Because names are limiting and words are manmade.

With alchemy, we turn LEAD into GOLD.

Total 2+2+2 hours
Meetings are in zoom and recorder for later use. This investment in yourself is the most vital step you ever take in your life. )

After the session you will feel calm, content and motivated to take next steps toward creating your dream life. Beautiful syncronicities will start unfolding more and more often as your awareness of the immense beauty of present moment gets stronger. BONUS:
1) you will be added to our FB private group for inspiration and questions
 2) you will be added to our Whatsapp group for inspiration and questions

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By reading this, you have taken a remarkable step by expressing your interest in unlocking your full potential with The One Alchemist Karin Palm.

Exclusive "Be the Alchemist Package" with 4 more follow-up sessions to anchor new way of being and provide support (1,5-2 hour each follow-up), please contact

Meetings will be recorded so you can listen to them again (there's so much info, you NEED to listen again) and use the hypnosis sessions for as many times as you like to get to that relaxed state.

After purchase, you can schedule an appointment here: or if you don't find suitable time, we'll CREATE TIME, contact by e-mail

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