Feeling stuck? Fear holds you back. Most of our fears and limiting beliefs are “programmed” into our subconscious before the age of 7. But how to reprogramme?
👧 When facing fears in business and personal growth, few people know how to dissolve it and even fewer do something about it.

If you feel stuck and fear holds you back in terms of growing your business, consider "revisiting" your childhood, specially before the age of 7.

Fear - it’s a matter of thought patterns, programming of our brain. Almost never anything to do with physical threat to our existence.

🧠 A lot is programmed in our mind before the age of 7, when our brain is like a sponge. And, of course, our environment in later years activate the programming for more if we allow it to happen. All depends on our conscious decisions regarding how much we allow circumstances to shape our worldview. Most people operate on autopilot, where their subconscious mind is "running the show". However, when you begin to practice greater awareness in everything you think, say, and do, staying in the present moment, you can consciously decide what you want to program your mind with.

Fear is one of the strongest “programmer”. Why? Because when one lives in a survival mode that the ego has created, it’s living in an illusion that everything is a threat to life. So, for the ego it’s “better safe than sorry” every moment of the day. "Only comfort zone is the guarantee for survival," is the ego's programming.


This is why I am now a hypnotherapist: I helped myself “overwrite” the old programming with fearless growth mindset and help others do the same. When one feels stuck and fear won’t let personal and business growth take place, I support people with hypnotherapy to go deep into subconscious mind and start reprogramming it into prosperity.

🚀The results have been fantastic. Outcome of “new programming of the brain” is experiencing ultimate FREEDOM, creating a dream life and the world becomes a playground. It’s amazing to see my clients wake up from old programming of the subconscious mind, seeing so much more clearly and leave fear behind.

Enjoy a free short hypnosis session to experience ultimate freedom here: https://youtu.be/P4TQx1Xh7DQ?si=_C99GoienWSgEOnb